The Tourism Visa is designed to those who want to come to Canada to visit the country as a tourist, see friends and family, or study for less than 6 months or to participate of a conference or meeting.

The “paper” visa is necessary to those that never had a Canadian visa or that don’t have a valid American visa. This visa is an official document stick to your passport (foil) that certifies that you meet the requirements to visit Canada.

Tendo o visto aprovado, ao chegar no Canada você fará uma entrevista com um oficial de fronteira, que irá checar seus documentos e lhe informar por quanto tempo você poderá ficar no país.

eTa (Autorização Eletrônica de Viagem): o visto de turismo “eletrônico” é destinado às pessoas que tiveram um visto temporário do Canada nos últimos 10 anos, ou que tenham um visto válido para os EUA, e que irão chegar ao Canada de avião.

Há ainda a opção do Super Visa, que é um visto de turismo para pais e avós de Cidadãos Canadenses ou Residentes Permanentes, que permite que pessoas neste perfil fiquem no Canada por até dois anos.


Are you coming to Canada to study for more than 6 months? So, you will need a Student Visa!

If you are doing a full-time program at a College or University, you could still be eligible to work part-time during your program duration.


If your goal is to work in Canada, there are different types of Visa to apply for, as long as you can fulfill the requirements.

Health Care students

You don’t need a work visa if working on an administrative position in clinics, with the objective of training, and that will last less than 4 months. There is also the option of requesting a specific visa to the employer.

Students in general

Those who are enrolled in a full time program in a Designated Learning Institution, on a program more than 6 months long, in the which the student will receive a degree, certificate or diploma at the end: you won’t need a work visa to work up to 20h/week during program and full time on scheduled breaks.

Open Work Permit

To PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit) eligible students

To whom had applied to Permanent Residence (PR) or is a dependent of a family member who had applied to PR

To spouse of whom is studying (on eligible institutions) or has a work visa

Employer Specific

The employer will need to apply for an LMIA first and then give you the approved document, together with a job offer letter

Global Skills Strategy Program has a processing time of two weeks:

  • Without LMIA, if your job is included on NOC 0 (management) or A (professional)
  • With LMIA, if your job is included in the position on-demand list

Co-op: Some study programs include a working experience portion in their curriculum. This internship has to be no more than 50% of the entire program. This type of visa is not available for those who are doing Pathway or English classes.