If your goal is to work in Canada, there are different types of Visa to apply for, as long as you can fulfill the requirements.

  • Health Care students
    • You don’t need a work visa if working on an administrative position in clinics, with the objective of training, and that will last less than 4 months. There is also the option of requesting a specific visa to the employer.
  • Students in general
    • Those who are enrolled in a full time program in a Designated Learning Institution, on a program more than 6 months long, in the which the student will receive a degree, certificate or diploma at the end: you won’t need a work visa to work up to 20h/week during program and full time on scheduled breaks.
  • Open Work Permit
    • To PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit) eligible students
    • To whom had applied to Permanent Residence (PR) or is a dependent of a family member who had applied to PR
    • To spouse of whom is studying (on eligible institutions) or has a work visa
  • Employer Specific
    • The employer will need to apply for an LMIA first and then give you the approved document, together with a job offer letter
    • Global Skills Strategy Program has a processing time of two weeks:
      • Without LMIA, if your job is included on NOC 0 (management) or A (professional)
      • With LMIA, if your job is included in the position on-demand list
  • Co-op: Some study programs include a working experience portion in their curriculum. This internship has to be no more than 50% of the entire program. This type of visa is not available for those who are doing Pathway or English classes.

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